"In 2013, I was given a family heirloom, a 1968 Firebird.  The only catch was that it basically needed everything except the interior replaced.  Having thrown a rod in the Nevada desert in 1992, she had been a lawn ornament for over two decades.  Once in my possession, I researched and looked everywhere in and around northern Virginia for a shop that could restore her to her former glory, and make my family proud.  The minute I walked in the door at Sterling Hot Rods, I knew it was the right place!  Tom and his staff greeted me, answered my questions, and set a plan for getting the ol’ bird back on the road.


As soon as I brought my car in, the work began.  Tom and his staff researched parts, fabricated components, and did all the leg work necessary to ensure the project would succeed.  The car received a new engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, and all the other necessary components (basically everything but the interior).  During the entire process, I felt that the team at Sterling Hot Rods had my best interest in mind.  Tom's right hand man, JD, was always keeping me up-to-date with pictures, videos, email updates, etc.  I felt extremely connected during the entire process.  Even when a difficulty was encountered, Tom and his staff kept me at ease and provided expert recommendations.  The real cherry on top for me was the masterful job they did by customizing a fiberglass hood; they worked countless hours to fit the hood and ensure it looked perfect.  It looks amazing!  The rest of the car looks amazing, too, and now she is back on the road.  The bird flies again!


I am extremely pleased with Tom and his staff for all of their hard work.  There may be other shops in the world, but there is no shop better than Sterling Hot Rods!  To the entire team - thank you so much!" - Sky H.

"The Bird Flies Again!"

"Pretty Cool Use of Technology...."

"I shopped around for a while to have some work done on our '69 Camaro and came across Sterling Hot Rods.  After a good bit of email correspondence with the owner, Tom, he handed me over to the business manager, JD, to get my work scheduled.  They were able to get my car in within a few weeks and JD stayed in touch to let me know as soon as space opened up. 

Once the car was in the crew assisted significantly in getting the right parts ordered at a great price.  I was having the drum brakes upgraded to full disc with new lines and master cylinder.  JD scheduled the work incrementally so the fronts could get done while the right measurements were being taken on the rear axle and they took time to figure out which master cylinder would work best.  Once they had all of the parts there was no messing around in getting everything installed and bringing me in to show me the work in progress. 

After the brakes were done I asked for them to check into an oil leak.  They assessed that oil was blowing past the rear main seal and found that the wrong cap was on the valve cover.  Instead of tearing apart the oil pan and going after the rear seal they went for the pcv cap to see if that fixed the problem first...and it did...saving me money and more time.  I then asked them to tune the car using their Vericom system and it runs better than it ever has.  Pretty cool use of technology.

JD was always on top of keeping me in the loop on progress of the work and was very attentive to keeping me updated on hours applied to job so that I could effectively manage how much I budgeted.

I would highly recommend Sterling Hot Rods to anyone looking to get quality work done on your hot rod in a good amount of time."

- Matt M

"We are so jazzed..."

"Tom, JD and crew we just want to say that our 64 Shorty C10 is running like a top! Thank you for the great work, great customer service, advice on how much more potential our C10 could have once we save our pennies and bring him back for upgrades...

The speedo works great, the wires look bad @$$ great job and thanks for hooking us up with the rotor and cap.

We are so jazzed to keep on truckin in our 64 for many years to come, thanks to Sterling Hot Rods." - Oscar P. 

"This place is a 'Nirvana' for car buffs"

"The first words out of my mouth when I took my car car for a test ride after they worked on it:  "Holy Sh!t".  I thought my engine was quick before, now it is scarey.  It runs smooth as glass and is quicker than my Porsche 930.  

They swapped out my Holley Dominator for an Ultra double pumper, adjusted my transmission and redid my exhaust and several other minor issues.  It is no longer the same car and words cannot describe how happy I am with them.

These guys are pros and by far exceeded my expecations.  I will never go anywhere again and if you have a classic car,muscle car or old school engine you shouldn't either.

This place in Nirvana for car buffs and Tom and Matt treated my entire family like friends. (I was so impressed with the place I had to show my kids)" - Todd M.